Newton reborn

Finally. Apple has introduced M2 Mac mini.

Windows Nano (not server)

If someone put a gun to my head and asked for a list of three favourite Microsoft products, it would look like this: Visual Studio Code, PowerShell and Windows Terminal.

Tale of two duct tapes

Scenario: we have two pieces of software; one of them is a desktop application, the other is a website (or „a web app”, as these things are called nowadays). Challenge: we’d like to import some data from the website to the desktop application. Problem: desktop application does not support this, it has no such functionality. Solution: use two scripting languages coming from two different worlds.

Titan FTP server API and PowerShell

So, your company uses Titan FTP and would like to automate things a bit? Or maybe you are fed up with clicking through the GUI? I bet that you googled your way through the Internet, and you know by now that the server has an API and documentation which describes it and that does not mention PowerShell at all?