Hello, world

Welcome to the reincarnation of this blog! Yes, there was once a blog with the same title - and it has had a good run, let me tell you. Fun fact: it was mostly about Linux.


Time passed, lots of things happened. I am 15 years older, I live in another city, I don’t know Linux anymore. Almost everyone has a blog Facebook page now. I guess I want one, too1. Again.

There’s another reason to start blogging again and this one is getting more important and obvious to me as I get older.

Writing is just a technology for thinking more clearly.

Sam Harris

Previous iteration of the blog died of natural causes, which means that I’ve simply got bored with it. Will 2.0 survive the test of time? The time itself will tell, I am keeping my fingers crossed of course. Hey, you should too - there will be two of us.

I want to make a promise (to myself, mostly): the blog will be purely technical. There, I said it: technical. No other topics allowed. Like, never. What I cannot promise you is that I’ll be updating this thing with decent regularity. You know how inspiration works, I assume.

Inspiration in all its glory
an excerpt from “Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web” by The Oatmeal

  1. A blog, of course.